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All insects need a good source of water to stay healthy and active. Pangea Insect Water provides perfectly sizes chunks of very high moisture, naturally made Gel Bites. No more water bowls, no more sponges, and most importantly no more dehydrated bugs. Watering Gel provides the perfect watering source for your feeder insects and is great for crickets, mealworms, superworms, dubia roaches, turkistan roaches and more. Insects can drown in a water bowl, but Insect Watering Gel is Drown-Free! If you are searching for a real thirst quencher for crickets and bugs, look no further. Guaranteed to increase the lifespan and health of captive feeders when used as directed and in conjunction with a suitable food source.

Just Add Water!


Directions. . .

Add 1 OZ (about 6 teaspoons) dry crystal granules to approximately 1 gallon of water and leave it to swell for about four hours, or overnight.

During this time the granules absorb the water and increase their weight
by about 400 times. The softer the water the more the gel swells.

Next, strain off the surplus water and allow the gelatinous mass to dry for at least two hours.

This helps to avoid a build-up of water in the bottom of the dish or container. Now put the gel into a container or watering dish.

If you are adding nutrients, calcium, vitamins, etc. always add these items to the water and mix prior to adding the dry crystal granules.


After allowing time for the granules to fully absorb the water,
pour off or remove any excess (non-absorbed) water.

Removing the non-absorbed water will help prevent drowning.
To dispose of used crystals, pour crystals into flower beds or garden.

Gel is a non-toxic substance that will not harm your plants,
grass, soil, pets or insects.

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