40 Gallon Breeder Aquarium Gecko/Arboreal Conversion Kit

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40 Gallon Breeder Aquarium Gecko/Arboreal conversion kit 

*Please measure your tank opening before ordering, to make sure this will fit.  Made to fit a frame with dimensions 17 1/4 inches wide x 35 inches tall. (Actual dimensions of the kit is 17 1/8x34 15/16)

This conversion kit is great way of repurposing 40 Gallon tanks, or an awesome way of displaying your gecko at a cheap price.

Aquarium Safe silicone is not included with this kit - it is required to seal the sides and attach the kit to the tank. 

Aquarium Safe Silicone is recommended


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Please allow up to 48 hours - as the 40 Gallon versions are made as they are ordered.



To install lay aquarium with the opening facing up, Insert the Conversion kit in to the black rim opening of the tank.  When it is set in, squeeze a small bead of Aquarium Safe 100% silicone sealant to the outer edges.  Smooth with a finger or caulking tool.  Wait 24-48 hours to fully cure, NEVER put your animal in without cleaning the tank fully.  Be sure the smell of the silicone is gone before housing your animal.  Always follow directions of the silicone sealant. Be sure to purchase Aquarium Safe Silicone.

 Tank not included



Customer Reviews

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Love these!

I have 2 tokay geckos that live in separate 40 gallon bioactive enclosures. The one I repurposed using your kit is still going strong after almost 4 years. No leaks whatsoever. The other enclosure that I bought from a pet store, leaks no matter what I do. So I’m about to order another kit and repurpose another 40 gal. Stick with what works, and these kits work! Top quality, fast shipping and great service!

Trevor B.

Door fits perfectly on my 40 gallon breeder aquarium. I also had a question about shipping and reached out to them through email. They responded within 24 hours and helped answer my question. Will definitely make another purchase soon.

Great Service

Originally I purchased the 20-29gal conversion kit but I made the hasty decision to upgrade my tank to a 40gal, so I had to return the 20-29gal door and purchase a new 40gal door.

They sent me a shipping label and I was able to send back the original door and had the new door at my doorstep in less than a week with custom instructions. Super pleased and they provided excellent service throughout the ordeal even though I made an error on my behalf they had quick communication and helped me figure it out.

A+ Customer Service

I have made 2 purchases of conversion kits so far. One for a 29 tall (crested gecko) and a custom 40 gallon (upgrade for mountain horned lizard). The 40 gallon was a custom size and had 2 "port" holes cut in it.
I made a change to the order for the 40gal after it was placed which was accommodated without hesitation. Unfortunately after I recieved the kit and tried to install it was slightly too large, it was a Sunday and I emailed the company letting them know the issue. I recieved a response within 20 minutes, a new order was put in right away to correct the issue and in 3 days I had the replacement! The kit does a fantastic job at maintaining the humidity for my crested gecko and I expect noticeable improvement in my mountain horned lizard enclosure once "upgraded"
Great Product! Great Company
Great Communication! Great Customer Service! 1000% recommended

zemrah a.
Awesome product!

Completely revamped our gecko room thanks to your conversion kits! Keeps humidity, easy to clean, perfect.

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