Pangea Fruit Mix™ With Insects Complete Gecko Diet

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by Pangea

Pangea Fruit Mix With Insects, the newest addition to our line up of complete gecko diets.  We set out to create a gecko diet that incorporates insects as one of the main ingredients and generates an enthusiastic feeding response.  I think we have succeeded, in fact I'd say this is our tastiest and most widely accepted formula so far!   The insects we use in the food are North American farm raised and certified Organic. Researched, developed, and tested for two years here at Pangea on one of the largest collections of geckos in the world.

This Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Gecko Diet food is formulated to contain the lowest levels of oxalates and other anti-nutrients to ensure optimum calcium absorption for strong bones and great egg production. Our combination of protein sources delivers an amino acid profile second to none!    

We are so sure your geckos will love it, we offer a risk free trial.  Buy any size PFMC With Insects you want and if your geckos don't love it, we'll buy it back!  

NOTE:  When offering any complete diet without supplemental insect feedings, fresh food must be offered daily even though much of it will not be eaten.

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Colorado's C.
Great Product

Great product as always. Great seller I Heart Geckos always has the dopest stuff for cheaper then the box stores, even if it is only $1 cheaper thats a win in my book.


Pangea Fruit Mix™ With Insects Complete Gecko Diet

Evelyn W.

Pangea Fruit Mix™ With Insects Complete Gecko Diet

Taylor P.
Gecko Loves It!!

My Crested Gecko loves this food. I love to buy from I Heart Geckos because everybody is always so nice and the prices are outstanding!! THANK YOU I HEART GECKOS!!!

Adriana C.

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