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20 Gallon LONG or 29 Gallon HORIZONTAL Aquarium Terrestrial Conversion Kit

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20 Gallon LONG HORIZONTAL  Aquarium Terrestrial conversion kit - Also fits 29 gallon tank!

*Please measure your tank opening before ordering, to make sure this will fit.  Dimensions 29 1/4 inches wide x 11 7/16 inches tall.

This conversion kit is great way of re-purposing your 20 or 29 Gallon tanks, or an awesome way of displaying your gecko at a cheap price.

Now available in 1/4" thick acrylic - please add 2-3 days to produce 1/4" as they are made as they are ordered.

Aquarium Safe silicone is not included with this kit - it is required to seal the sides and attach the kit to the tank. 

Aquarium Safe Silicone is recommended


This item qualifies for free shipping in the lower 48!


To install lay aquarium with the opening facing up, Insert the Conversion kit in to the black rim opening of the tank.  When it is set in, squeeze a small bead of Aquarium Safe 100% silicone sealant to the outer edges.  Smooth with a finger or caulking tool.  Wait 24-48 hours to fully cure, NEVER put your animal in without cleaning the tank fully.  Be sure the smell of the silicone is gone before housing your animal.  Always follow directions of the silicone sealant. Be sure to purchase Aquarium Safe Silicone.


 Patent pending - Tank not included


Customer Reviews

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Amazing I can’t wait to buy more!

Timothy H.
Exactly what my growing ball python needed.

I was gifted a free 29 gallon aquarium when I won my ball python in a raffle at a reptile expo and she is growing faster than I expected. This conversion kit gives her all the room she needs and installation was a breeze!

Works like a charm

All 3 orders have arrived in great shape and function as intended. This last order of a 29 gallon conversion arrived super fast! I have 2 10 gallon conversion doors on my 55gallon to create a 4x2x1 and the locktite has managed to hold in a full-grown dumerils boa (arguably the strongest lb for lb in the world) that pushes. They are plenty strong at the 1/8th thickness, but also come in 1/4 if needed. Awesome product if you need to make up a terrestrial enclosure without spending 500+ !!!! Gives you plenty of time to save for that fancy PVC . like I said this is my 3rd purchase and each has been great and are still holding strong. Also they will cut to your specific size if you put the measurements in the notes.

Awesome so far!!

I received the box damaged due to shipping and it even had some extra tape on it to keep it together. The amazing team at I Heart Geckos knows how to safely package your purchase. No scratches or damage at all on the unit.. It is currently installed and awaiting the silicone to completely dry so I can start building out my Leopard geckos new home. Thank you team you are awesome and I love the kit!! Will add some setup photos once it is done.


This product was so easy to install and it fit PERFECTLY into my 20 gal longs ! It’s such a seamless clean finished product and I do plan on getting more for my other tanks ! It was packaged nicely and came super fast too. I ordered on Black Friday and it arrived in less than a week! 10/10
Recommend this product!