COVID-19 Announcement


I hope this update finds everyone is doing well.  Due to the increased demand for acrylic for use in sneeze guards and other barriers, our acrylic supplier is completely out of 1/8" acrylic.  Starting today we are going to suspend our "save20on4" promotion, as well as suspend wholesale sales on acrylic products.  We have a good stock of acrylic in our shop but with the future unknown we are just getting to the point we might not have enough to last until end of June when we hope to get more.

If anything changes we will update you here.

Stay Safe out there!




Hello - hope everyone is safe and well.  Just an update on UPS and USPS.  Our pickup times have been earlier in the day (10:30am this past week)  please be aware of this when ordering because after that time your order will ship out the next day. Sorry for the inconvenience - we hope this Covid stuff is over soon!

stay safe!


Hello - Just an update we are closely monitoring this COVID-19 situation.  Please know we will ship as quick as we can and with the complete lock down of certain states may delay shipping.  As long as we can ship our products we will continue. Custom and 1/4" orders may be delayed a couple days longer than usual.

At this time we are going to suspend international shipping. Sorry to our customers in Canada and other places - We will be back as soon as this crisis is over.

Please be safe! 




Hello Fellow Reptile lovers!

We hope you are all doing as well as can be during these trying times.  We are deeply concerned about the COVID-19 virus and we are monitoring the situation closely.

However, we wanted to reach out and let you know we are open for business. We are taking every safety precaution possible.  We are a small family run company, and we will do what we can to provide you with a great product in a timely manner.

We are trying hard to not have any disruption to our customers, and we will do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible.  We stock Pangea branded gecko food and as always offer free shipping.  We know reptile shows are starting to cancel let us know if you are in desperate need of food for your gecko we will try our best to help out.

Our heart goes out to anyone affected by the virus.  We are very thankful for our healthcare workers working hard to contain this virus, and get America back on their feet. 

Please be safe


I Heart Geckos, LLC